Driverless mini-cars
UK researchers are developing an autonomous model car. Driverless full-size cars have already been developed, for instance in the DARPA challenge. By using model cars the researchers hope to make developing the technology far easier and cheaper.
High school student builds Fusion Reactor
High school student Thiago Olson used parts and materials from the local hardware story and eBay to build a working fusion reactor. A few tiny bubbles in his dosimeter told him that he'd fused hydrogen nuclei into helium in his basement.
Delft Students start developing UFO
Eight international PhD researchers and one committed and experienced project leader will take up the challenge to design the most environmentally friendly airplane ever conceived. 'It will be an extraordinary airplane.'
Cool Bulletproof vest
The Dutch organisation for applied scientific research and the Dutch army are working on a bulletproof vest with an integrated fan. It's as heavy as current vests and offers more protection. A prototype will be tested in Afghanistan this summer.
Mad Cow Resistant Cows
Scientists say they have produced the first cattle that may be biologically incapable of getting mad cow disease. These bulls in South Dakota were genetically engineered to be free of prions which makes them resistant to mad cow disease.
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