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BarXStop ReviewDogs are a great companion, they’re energetic, playful, and they’re very loyal. However, they can be quite annoying at times. Sometimes they bark for no reason, and it can be a torture, especially when you’re trying to sleep.

Some reasons why dogs bark are when they want to play, they see strangers, or they’re threatened or excited. Just like humans, dogs, too, develop a habit. If they develop a habit of barking when they meet new people, or without any reason, it can be a lot of trouble for you, your family, and your neighbours. If you’re in a similar situation, you’re going to need BarXStop.

What is BarXStop?

BarXStop, also known as anti-barking device, is a highly innovative gadget that can be used to train or discipline the dogs without causing them any harm. It was specially designed for a purpose, and that is to stop the dogs from barking. BarXStop can also be used to calm down an aggressive dog, and stop your dog from barking at other dogs, and so on.

This great device uses ultrasound to communicate with the dog in a simple way, it’s beneficial, and the United States army even uses it. BarXStop is not only meant for the dog owners. Anyone can use it.
BarXStop can be a lifesaver as well. Even if you don’t own a dog, but there are some noisy dogs in the neighbourhood, or your neighbour’s dog isn’t too friendly towards you. Use this incredible device and keep that aggressive dog under control as if by magic.

In this review of the BarXStop, we will talk about the features, usability, and find out if it’s useful, and harmless as claimed by the manufacturers. We also discuss its pros and cons as well.

Features of BarXStop

Non-harmful ultrasonic waves

It’s not always the best option to try and stop your dog from barking by shouting at them. No matter how well they may be trained, dogs can become very aggressive when you yell at them. It’s one of those moments when you need a device such as the BarXStop.

All of us know that dogs have an acute sense of smell, and they can also hear the sounds which cannot be picked by the human ear. BarXStop uses an ultrasonic wave that is inaudible to human ears but stops the dogs from barking. When dogs pick up the ultrasonic wave, they stop barking immediately because the frequency is not very pleasant to their ears. They are easily distracted by the ultrasonic waves produced by the BarXStop. It does not use anything that may be harmful to humans or dogs.

Incredible range (works up to 50 feet )

Unlike many other anti-barking devices on the market, BarXStop works effectively even from a distance. This feature is handy because it’s almost impossible to stop a dog from running off when they spot something far away. This is very much relatable to those dogs who love to hunt. In this case, it won’t do you any good if you try to stop them, especially if they’re not pleased.

If you have a BarXStop with you, you don’t have to try to hush them or try stopping them forcefully. Just press a button, and your dog will stop whatever they’re trying to do.

The good news is that BarXStop has an effective range of about 50 feet, that’s almost 15 and half meters. So, it won’t be a problem even if your dog is out of reach. You can take control of their wild and nasty behaviour also if they’re far away from you.


BarXStopThe BarXStop is not limited to a single purpose like other anti-barking devices. It has an LED light, which is extremely handy even in the night. BarXStop comes with different light settings. This includes LED light, LED+training, and LED+Stop barking. The first setting can also be used as a torch when you walk your canine friend during the night. The second and third settings can be used while training and stop them from barking, respectively.

Easy to use

BarXStop anti-barking device does not have a complicated setting. This means there is no learning curve whatsoever. Anyone can immediately start using this device, point the device towards the dog and press the button. Remember to ensure that the battery is inserted.

Safe for humans and safe for the dogs

The use of chemicals and other devices, such as shock collars, is not a good idea. Those methods are cruel, and it can also be dangerous for the little children who love playing with the dogs.

The best thing about the BarXStop is that they’re safe for the dogs as well as the owners. Since the device produces a wave which is inaudible to the human ear, it is safe for the humans as well.

Small and handy

The BarXStop is a lightweight and small device which can be carried around without any trouble. You can put it into your pocket when walking your dog.

Works on all dog breeds

You may have already come across some very stubborn dogs, and they don’t listen or try to change their ways no matter what you do. It has been proven that BarXStop works effectively on all breeds regardless of their size or race.


  • A small, portable and handy device
  • A multipurpose device
  • Non-harmful, safe and means to control the dog’s behaviour
  • Very easy to use


  • The battery (9volts) may not come along with the device. You may have to buy it separately.

Our BarXStop review

The BarXStop is a must-have device for the dog owners or anyone living in a neighbourhood that has lots of dogs. With this device in your hands, your attitude towards dogs will drastically change even if you don’t like dogs.

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