CoolAir Review

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Are you feeling the heat and are planning to buy the CoolAir cooler? Make sure to first read our CoolAir review with all the details of this great cooler.

CoolAirThere are just some summer days when you wish you would rather sit in an icebox than be out in the blistering heat. With the average global temperature rising ever steadily, hot and humid days are no longer the bane of those living in tropical countries. 

While the wealthy folks plan their vacations to colder places during the heat, the rest of us suffer in silence. You can, of course, choose to spend your time lounging in the pool and sip iced drinks. 

But what about when you have to go to work or something similar? You cannot trust the central cooling in the offices. All of us know that the air-conditioning system in most offices can become very fickle. 

What if we told you that there is a personal cooler than you can take anywhere? Meet CoolAir, one of the best personal cooler fans that you can take anywhere. This portable fan is an ingenious way to stay cool irrespective of the heat and humidity. 

Did you know that heat can have a detrimental effect on the level of concentration and productivity? When your body is hot, you become lethargic, and you will not be able to focus, which means that your productivity level drops.

The CoolAir is the perfect gadget to not only stay cool but keep those creative juices flowing. 

In this review of the CoolAir, we take a look at its features and what it has to offer. We have also weighed in on its pros and cons so you can decide whether or not this portable fan is worth your money. Let’s begin. 

CoolAir Features

A controlled fan

The CoolAir doesn’t just blast you with uncontrolled air. It comes with three-speed controls so you can keep the flow of air nice and steady. You can increase or decrease the speed of the fan by pressing the button on the top of the CoolAir.

You can also control the direction of the air by adjusting the position of the vents, much like in your car. With this controlled setting, you never have to feel hot and clammy ever again.

The fan is powered a by a small motor which also powers the LED in the unit as well. 

CoolAir is Easy to use

Using the CoolAir is effortless. Plugin the power source, switch it on, and it will start running. The CoolAir has a USB powered design for optimum convenience. The power consumption is a mere 10W so you can conveniently and safely use it. 

Built-in water tank

CoolAir ReviewThis portable personal fan has a built-in portable water tank. The tank has a capacity of 300 ml which is enough to keep it running for up to eight hours. The CoolAir is equipped with anhydrous automatic power off option so it will switch off automatically when the water runs out. This is especially handy if you use the device at night. 

Refilling the tank is very easy too. When the water runs out, open the door or the lid at the top, fill it with water and close it. The CoolAir is now ready to be used. It is that simple.

Alternatively, you can also add ice to the water tank if you are feeling particularly hot and you need to cool down fast. 

CoolAir Purifies the air

Apart from keeping you fresh and cool anytime during the day or night, the CoolAir also purifies the air around you. If you are sensitive to dust or other allergens in the air, you will love this gadget. 

The water filter is a multilayer and evaporative one, so it does not trap air or dirt in it. It is washable so you can easily do so whenever you feel the need to. Remember to dry the filter properly after washing it. 

To remove the water filter, you need first to remove the vent on the front and take out the filter to wash it with clean water. 

You can safely use the CoolAir, knowing that it is getting rid of all the germs and allergens in the air. 

Another bonus feature is that this cool gadget can also be used to humidify the air. For those who may be suffering from congestion or dry, sensitive skin, this can be a lifesaver. 


The CoolAir is a square-shaped gadget and measures 17 cm or 6.7 inches all around. It is lightweight, and so you can take it anywhere with you. Whether you want to transport the CoolAir between your home and place of work or take it over to a friend’s house, it is easily achievable. 

Changeable LED

Another new and exciting feature of the CoolAir is that it has a built-in LED. There are seven colours of LED which you can choose from. 

To change the LED, you have to press the button on top near the power button. Press repeatedly on the button till you get the desired colour and enjoy the colourful lights. Another feature which you will appreciate is that the button which controls the fan speed, as well as the power button, is surrounded by LED so you won’t have a problem using it even in dimly lit conditions or at night. 


  • Cools and purifies the air
  • Very easy to use 
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Built-in water tank
  • Automatic power off


  • It is only available online. 

Our CoolAir Review

The CoolAir is a must-have for the hot summer months. It is multifunctional and is effortless to use and maintain. Apart from its functionality, it has a fantastic design and is loaded with features. The CoolAir is also very affordable, which makes it a hit among the users. 

All readers of this CoolAir review can get the CoolAir with a 50% discount which is a deal you shouldn’t miss. If that wasn’t enough, every unit of CoolAir that is ordered has free delivery. 

Keep this cooling fan on the table as you work, and you don’t have to be hot and uncomfortable anymore. Enjoy the fresh air as you dig deep into your creativity levels and become the star of the office.