Ecoheat S Review

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Ecoheat SThroughout the cold chilly winter months, a beautiful, compact and reliable heater is a piece of must-have equipment for every homeowners. If you’re from a cold region, you probably know how essential heaters can be. But you may also be aware of the fact that most heaters consume a lot of power, and it can be hazardous if they’re not handled with extreme care.

There are many good room heaters on the market today. But when it comes to efficiency, the Ecoheat S is the ultimate champ. It’s powerful enough to heat the room in a few minutes, but it does not use a lot of electric energy. Let’s learn more about this product. 

What is Ecoheat S?

Ecoheat S is a heater that has a cylinder-like design. It comes with an adjustable oscillation and thermostat, which makes it very efficient, and one of the safest heaters. 

This heater can start producing heat in almost an instant. The cool thing about this device is that you can use it even during the hot summer days; meaning, it can be used as a fan. It is a multipurpose device. Let us take a look at its features. 

Features of the Ecoheat S

Portable and Convenient

Not all portable heaters are convenient. Some are pretty large and heavy, which makes it challenging to move around. Bigger heaters also take up a lot of space. The Ecoheat S is a lightweight and compact heater; you can make use of the handle to carry it around effortlessly. 

Stylish design, good looks

This heater has a stylish cylinder-like design, and it is small. It looks great, and it can easily blend into any room without distorting its decoration. 

Made of ceramic heating element that heats up fast

Unlike other heaters which take at least 5-10 seconds before they start to heat the room, the Ecoheat S will start providing heat in only 2 seconds. The reason for this is because it has ceramic plates. Ceramic plates can heat up or cool down quickly. They are much more efficient and better than any coil heaters. 

Take control of the temperature

This feature is not very common, and it’s because a lot of room heaters are cheaply made. The Ecoheat S will give you the power to take control of the temperature and adjust it according to your preference. You can change the heat of the heater. Lower or increase the temperature with just a press of a button. 

User-friendly interface

By default, heaters don’t come with a complicated set of controls or buttons, but there are some which are not very convenient to use. But in the case of this heater, you’d be surprised by how simple it is designed, and how comfortable it is. On the top part of the heater, you will find a small LED display and a few buttons. The LED screen will tell you the temperature of the heater. 

Wide-angle heating

Room heaters that don’t have an oscillating feature can be very inconvenient, especially if there is more than one person in the room; it’s just not very practical in this case. The Ecoheat S can turn at a 70-degree angle. This makes it an effective room heater although it’s comparatively smaller than most compact room heaters. 

Multipurpose heater

Ecoheat S ReviewThe Ecoheat S has three working modes. During the freezing weather, you can choose the high heat mode (1200W) to raise the temperature of the room or office in less time. When the place is warm, you can select the low heat mode (600W). The third mode is the fan mode; you can use this as a regular table fan, when the weather is hot and humid, activate this mode and enjoy a blast of cold and fresh air. 

Another benefit of having low heat mode and high heat mode is that you can adjust the temperature to your liking. At the same time; you also have the power to manage electricity consumption. 

Ecoheat S Consumes less power

Getting an outrageous electricity bill during the winter months is a common thing. And heaters, including the ones that heat the water, are the major contributors. The Ecoheat S consumes very less electricity, which means you get to save quite a lot of money in the long run. 

Self-cooling feature and overheating protection

It’s quite natural for us to be concerned about the safety when it comes to room heaters or any device that has a heating element. Well, in the case of the Ecoheat S, you don’t have to worry about the safety as it is equipped with advanced safety features such as overheating protection. 

The heater is designed to cut the power supply to the heating element when the temperature gets too high. It will then continue supplying heat when it is cooled. So, there is no way that this device will be overheated; you can use it with a peace of mind. 

The Ecoheat S is also protected against over current. This means that the device will shut down automatically when the flow of current is above the recommended unit. Also, the device has tip-over protection, while the ceramic heating element also adds more safety. Since it can cool down quickly, the risk of an accident is significantly reduced. 

Ecoheat S Works quietly

A room heater which blows hot air uses fans and can be quite noisy. This heater works on the same principle; it has a ceramic heating element and a fan which blows out hot air. 

During our Ecoheat S review, we were surprised that this device does not produce any noise. Of course, it has a rotating fan, so you may hear it when it’s extremely quiet, but it’s not loud enough to distract you when you’re trying to sleep.


  • Energy efficient
  • Safe to use
  • Lots of features 


  • Might not be the best option for bigger rooms

Our Ecoheat S Review

The Ecoheat S is a product you can rely on during the cold winter months. It is incredibly efficient and very safe to use even for the children. Beat the cold this winter by grabbing one via our website. 

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