Explore AIR Drone Review

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The Ultimate Review of the Official Explore AIR Drone

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When selecting a drone, there can be thousands of factors that you need to consider. This can be daunting, as well as irritating. There’s usually just “too much” choice. We always want to spend the least money as possible when buying something. Certainly, We don’t want to end up purchasing useless, faulty and poorly manufactured equipment, especially if this for a drone.

For this reason, you must spend some time doing your research on which drone you’re going to buy, and consider exactly why you’re buying a drone.

If you’re someone who said, “just general use”, or “filming and taking pictures”, or “fun”, then you’re going to want to check out this Explore AIR review.

But what is the Explore AIR Drone? It’s a simple yet advanced, lightweight drone with unlimited functions. It’s a low-cost alternative to the big brands, yet it delivers on all the big brands deliver on, and even then, some more.

Seriously – read carefully through this honest Explore AIR review, and decide whether the Explore AIR drone really is the drone for you. 

What’s the appearance like?

When buying a drone, especially a small, pocket-sized, highly portable drone such as the Explore AIR drone, you’re going to want to pay particular attention to its appearance.

Explore AIRIf you’re going to buy a drone, you want it to look beautiful. There’s no doubt about that. But how do you know what actually looks gorgeous on a drone, especially if you’re a beginner? To answer that question is easy. It’s everything that’s already on the Explore AIR drone.

Ideally, drones should be small and portable – as the Explore AIR drone is. Yes, there are certain situations where you won’t need a drone to be small and compact unless you’re deliberately planning to try and lift a man with it or use it for deliveries.

The Explore AIR Drone is designed with not only quality and performance, but appearance in mind too. It doesn’t look like some alien from God only knows where, but looks sleek, modern, and stylish, especially when in flight. While it’s a take-off, flight and landing, the drone appears incredibly appealing to the eye, as a result of its incredible smoothness in movements, due to its astonishing stability control system, designed by professionals.

What about the build quality of the Explore AIR?

The Explore AIR drone is centred around build quality. You can always rest assured from the moment you place your order here that the product you receive will be of the highest standards and the most exceptional quality. You won’t be let down!

All components of the drone are tightly screwed down into the main body, and some are insulated and crash protected, to ensure that even if you’re a beginner, you won’t risk having to buy a second one, even though you’re very welcome to purchase two.

The build quality on the Explore AIR drone is nearly unbeatable. It is up there with all the leading competing brands. Everything is screwed into place properly, and the plastic and metal housing are made of the highest quality components, but also that even the metals for the screws are of a stable and robust quality, designed for dynamic and violent environments.

Even the tips of the flight controller unit (the ‘remote control’) are of the highest quality material available on the market. The Explore AIR drone compromises on price, but never on the quality.

How well does the Explore AIR Drone fly?

It’s all good knowing if the drone looks beautiful, and if the screws are made of high-quality material. But what uses is that if the drone doesn’t even fly?

Explore AIR reviewWe’ve paid extra attention to the manufacturing, but also how the drone itself flies. From our experience, we can only say this – it operates better than most drones out there on the market. We’ve even had other reviewers call in and rant about how shockingly stable the drone is in flight, and how well the camera operates even in the harshest and windiest of conditions.

A myriad of features – ones which we will not go into in this section – allows the drone to fly in an almost unrestricted manner through the air. Wind doesn’t seem to be a problem, which is made all the more impressive when you look at the tiny size of our drone. But it’s not the size that matters; it’s how you use it!

The take-off is quiet and smooth. As the drone ascends, it doesn’t wobble around in the air unless you deliberately control it to do so. And you won’t see such a smooth landing on any other drone.

What about the features? What cool things can it do?

We’ll start by telling you; it’s got the same features (mostly) as all of our major competitors, such as DJI and parrot. The coolest and most helpful of them all is the “automatic return to home”, whereby the drone, if it gets lost or loses signal with the controller, it can automatically return to and land right in front of you using advanced GPS technology.

Oh, and, it can also do flips. We’re serious. We thought when designing the drone you’d appreciate this.

In terms of safety, if anything ever goes mildly wrong or you suddenly drop the controller, you can hit a quick button on the remote, and it will lock up the high-speed spinning blades on the motors of the drone. This can help prevent damage to the person and damage to any property that your drone might be headed towards. However, even if it does hit a person or property, provided you have our carefully-though-through blade guards installed, your drone will simply bump off from a person or building – with all the force of a gentle nudge – and remain in the same position until brought back.