GX SmartWatch Review

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Are you planning on buying a GX SmartWatch? Make sure to read our GX SmartWatch review before you buy.

Many people prefer wearing a wristwatch. The purpose is either functional (simply telling them the time) or fashionable. A good watch always looks great on someone’s wrist, but they’re becoming less and less popular due to the advent of the smartphone.

GX SmartWatch

After all, who needs to buy a watch when their phone tells the time, has a calendar, and even an alarm? It’s a valid point and one that explains the decreasing watch sales over the last few years.

Smartwatches buck this trend as they offer something a little different. They offer all these basic watch features but smartwatches are capable of doing a lot more. So, what does it mean to have a GX SmartWatch?

A GX SmartWatch is a wearable computer in the form of a wristwatch and it has multi-purpose characteristics.

It’s a modern smartwatch that provides a local touchscreen interface for daily use while an associated smartphone app provides management and telemetry (such as long-term biomonitoring). GX SmartWatch can save lives!

In fact, GX SmartWatch was built with senior customers in mind. That’s why you can enjoy some great features like integrated mobile support, location GPS tracking, alerts for medications, and Wi-Fi.

In this GX SmartWatch we will tell you more about the specifications of the GX SmartWatch and share our experiences.

Our GX SmartWatch Review

Exclusive Design and Premium Quality Materials

GX SmartWatch has an innovative design and is made from quality materials that give it a luxurious feel. The front and the back are cased in glass which wipes easily and looks fantastic. Moreover, the comfortable strap is made out of silicone and feels great when worn — making it perfect for both exercise and casual use.

Compatible with Android and iOS Devices

Very easy to use for anyone. Connect to Android and iOS phones through the GX SmartWatch APP. Install the APP, turn on your Bluetooth and connect to start using the device and its 15+ applications.

Long Battery Life with Fast Charge

You might be thinking from the very first time, why would you need a smartwatch when you already have a good smartphone? Shake it out of your mind because GX SmartWatches have such powerful batteries that a phone just can’t compare. The built-in high capacity rechargeable lithium battery can last up to 3 days on heavy use even with a perpetually active display.

IP68 Rated Water and Dust Resistant

Device backed by an international standard rating deemed fit enough to withstand dust, dirt, and sand, and are resistant to submersion up to a maximum depth of 1.5m underwater for up to thirty minutes.

Seven Faces to Match Your Events

GX SmartWatch has interchangeable faces. You can select from a variety of face design depending on your mood or find one that matches your activity of the day.

HD Retina Display

GX SmartWatch is bright, making it easy to read messages on the go.


GX SmartWatch ReviewFinding a phone, key or device is even easier. Losing a phone or keys is an extremely frustrating experience. It always seems to happen before some important occasion that we just can’t be late for! Thankfully, GX SmartWatch can render this inconvenience a thing of the past. You can connect your phone or any device with it and you will be able to ring it through your watch whenever you wish.

Heart-rate Monitoring in Realtime

GX SmartWatch has a precise heart rate sensor and electrocardiogram so you can get the most out of your workout and share health stats with your doctor. Check your dynamic and resting heart rates easier than ever. You can even look at live electrocardiograms (ECG) which are perfect for anyone who wants to be healthy.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

GX SmartWatch app uses the raw signal from the reading to calculate blood pressure.

Sedentary Reminder

Sedentary behavior (prolonged sitting) has proven links to a greater risk of developing chronic diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and some cancers. The GX SmartWatch lets the wearer know, several minutes before the next hour, that it’s time to get up from the desk and move around.

Calorie Tracker

The GX SmartWatch counts your steps and distance traveled, and it’s increasingly common measure heart rate. It generally provides some estimates of your energy expenditure or calorie burned. It relies on a number called an Active Metabolic Rate (AMR).

Measures Distance

The GX SmartWatch measures the distance and speed without a GPS by the use of a pedometer. It measures steps by the body’s vertical foot impacts transmitted to the watch physically, then presumes or uses a calibrated stride length to figure distance traveled.

Fitness Tracking

Use the pedometer to track your steps and connect to apps to read and display fitness data so you can track and challenge your personal bests.

Monitors Your Sleep

Get a better night’s sleep. Use the GX SmartWatch APP to track how much rest you’re actually getting at night. Its objective results will help you improve your sleep patterns for better sleep and live a healthier life.

Social Networks and Notifications

You can have all your social network notifications on your wrist from your smartphone. Receiving notifications of incoming calls and services like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype on your GX SmartWatch. You choose which notifications you want to receive.

During our GX SmartWatch review we mainly used it for Whatsapp and Facebook and it worked great.

You Remain Connected While Doing Activities

GX WatchWhen you are running, cycling, swimming or any other form of exercise, you might want to peek into your messages, calls or notifications. Sometimes it is not possible for you to keep a phone with you in those activities, and it’s just awkward and annoying when you do anyway. Here is where a GX SmartWatch becomes really useful.

Entertainment On Your Wrist with the GX SmartWatch

You can watch a YouTube video that your friend keeps talking about. Or, you can play music on the go. You are just one or two clicks away from doing so. It’s never going to replace the big screen quality of your smartphone but for those quick moments, it’s unbeatable for convenience.

Conclusion of our GX SmartWatch Review

Buying a GX SmartWatch no longer means losing out on all of the latest features and performance. This premium smartwatch is here to satisfy the most demanding users. It makes it a worthwhile investment.

A smartwatch may never replace a smartphone for these tasks (not in the near future anyway) but it’s certainly very capable when used for small amounts of time when carrying a smartphone is just plain inconvenient.

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