MemorySafeX Review

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MemorySafeXEveryone has some private digital or computer files which are not meant to be shared. Even if it’s not a secret kind of thing, there could be some highly valuable videos or photos which you always try to safeguard. Today, we have several storage devices, from external hard drives, and USB stick, or pen drives, but they’re not very reliable, and there too many complications.

On the other hand, we have DVDs which are considered as one of the most reliable storage devices, but they can’t store a lot of files as their storage capacity is minimal.

We also have cloud storage services where you can always upload your precious files and access them whenever you want. But you can’t always do that, uploading larger files to cloud storage is a painstakingly long process. 

Moreover, at times you may forget your password to these sites, and if you can’t get access to your files or documents when you need them, it becomes useless. It’s not very practical. You don’t have to go through these problems if you have MemorySafeX.

What is MemorySafeX?

This is a review of the MemorySafeX. We will provide all the answers you might have regarding this device which has been attracting a lot of attention. Read on to find out if this product is as useful and reliable as the manufacturers claim.

MemorySafeX is a cleverly designed USB stick which can be used to transfer or store files. It can be directly plugged into your phone. This device looks very similar to a pen drive or a flash drive, but it has much more advanced features. You can use it with a regular USB port, or back up files from any device that runs on iOS or Android Operating systems.

MemorySafeX Features

Easy to use

This storage device is incredibly easy to use, whether you use an iPad, tablet or any other methods, all you need to do is plug it into the machine and start transferring the files you want to store.

MemorySafeX ReviewIf you’re using an Android device, there is no need to install a mobile app. You can start using the MemorySafeX as soon as it is plugged in. iPhone users are required to install an app, but this can be done in a matter of minutes, so it’s not a problem.

The MemorySafeX can also be used to back up files from a computer. The cool thing about this device is that it can automatically detect duplicate files, and it saves only one version. This keeps the device free from unnecessary files and saves a lot of space.

Impressive memory

Although the MemorySafeX does not have massive storage space as the external hard drives, it has a pretty awesome memory. It has a storage space of 64 GB; you can store thousands of photos, and hundreds of videos. Whether you want to save family pictures, videos or relevant documents, you can always rely on this device.

Its ability to store large files, and connect to multiple devices is also the reason why it is precious to vloggers and YouTubers, and even for designers and engineers.

High compatibility

The most significant feature of MemorySafeX is that it is compatible with mobile phones and computers. When you have the MemorySafeX beside you, there is no need to carry around tangled USB cables. Use this device to transfer the files from your phone to computer, or vice versa.

Easy and convenient printing

When you want to print images or documents, you have to spend a considerable amount of time looking for the ones you want to print. The MemorySafeX is designed to collate the folders with ease. If you have this smart device in your hands, you can finish your printing job in just a few minutes.

Maximum protection

You may already know how frustrating and devastating it can be when files on external devices become corrupt. MemorySafeX ensures that your data remain intact; it provides maximum protection. 

You can be sure that anything you save onto this external device is 100% safe. In a worst-case scenario, someone may even steal your phone when there is an opportunity. It won’t be a worrisome problem if you have backed up your files on the MemorySafeX.

Great for entertainment purposes

At times you may have tried storing a movie on your phone, but if the movie file is large, it’s not possible. In a situation like this, MemorySafeX can be very handy. Plugin the device to a computer, tablet or smartphone and transfer the file. You can then go home and enjoy the movie from your phone or a smart TV.

MemorySafeX Autosaving

Whenever you connect the MemorySafeX to your phone after taking a photo, it detects new images and saves them automatically. This feature allows you to save a lot of time, and it is an incredible way to protect your phone’s storage space. 

Amazingly Fast

Unlike any other external storage devices, this device can transfer large files with incredible speed. Usually, it would take at least one hour to move about 30-40 GBs of data, but the MemorySafeX can do the same in just a few minutes. It has a transfer speed of up to 30MB per second for a single file.


This device is not only great for backing up files from Smartphones and tablets. You can also use it as a regular USB stick or a pen drive.


  • Secure storage device
  • Can connect with phones, tablets and computers
  • It’s budget-friendly
  • Superfast file transfer


  • iOS users may have to spend some time installing and setting up the app

Our MemorySafeX Review

Without a doubt, the MemorySafeX is a beautiful device which is perfect for safekeeping valuable images or videos. When you have this device, your phone will never run out of storage space again. 

Are you worried about the safety of your most prized images? Then MemorySafeX might be the gadget for you.

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