NeckMassager Review

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NeckMassagerLet’s face it, regardless of our age or culture, we all spend most of our free time lying around in bed looking at our phones or laptops. We like to get comfortable thinking those positions are soothing; however, they can be extremely harmful in the long run. Even if you consider work time or being in the office, most people spend their days sitting on a chair that’s not at all made to keep your spine and neck in a suitable position. These sorts of daily happenings in our lives often lead to pain developing in different parts of our bodies.

One pain that’s prevalent in most adults is neck pain. Common amongst the working class individuals, it is considered a cause that can further lead to pain in other parts of the body. Since many people have a desk job and have to look at screens most of the time, they’re inevitably going to develop a sore neck or experience discomfort in their spinal area. Although regrettably, it’s challenging to change this culture in the corporate world, there is a way to tackle the pain for the time being thanks to the useful NeckMassager.

What Is The NeckMassager?

Did you know that more than 20% of all adults in America have clinical cases of arthritis? This situation is alarming, considering the weak state a person’s body gets into during this phase. The NeckMassager is here to prevent that, by providing you something to look forward to when you need comfort after your long day at work. The massager does this by using three different but equally effective methods of therapeutic massage, all of which, which, when used in the right situations, can help eliminate your pain.

The neck is considered one of the most fragile body parts, mostly because the spinal cord starts from the neck of a human body. Due to this, having pain in the neck can most certainly lead to it transferring to your back as well, in the best-case scenario. If you’re unlucky and your case is severe, a slight interference with the tip of the spinal can mess up the whole bone, leading to back issues for your entire life. This is because the spinal cord is the back-bone of the body(pun intended), and needs to be taken care of properly.

Therefore, NeckMassager is crucial if you have a similar case and work for multiple hours a day. It can help you relax, and take your stress levels down significantly, and is generally great for your neck muscles and tissues. It looks like one of those wireless headphones that you put around your neck when going for a run. This is a positive aspect of the massager because it promises portability and ease of use altogether.

It comes with an elegant finish in white and black and looks extravagant as well. The massager is compact as well, so you don’t have to worry about carrying it in your backpack while traveling. It consists of two circular bars in the inside which sits on the back of your neck, from which it operates and affects your neck muscles efficiently. You might also be wondering that everyone has a different neck size and if it’ll fit yours. That’s the brilliant part about the NeckMassager; it comes with six different modes and 16 types of intensity levels so you can adjust the fit and feel according to your comfort.

However, please don’t feel like it’s only supposed to be for your neck. The NeckMassager includes several massage pads in the box as well. You can connect these pads to the massager itself, and apply these pads on any other part of your body, preferably the back since it pairs well together with your neck, and you can begin the massage and feel relaxed throughout your whole body. You don’t even need to have a severe case or a medical condition relating to your joint. You can also use the massager to relax and lower your stress levels to feel more at peace.

But just like any other product, you will want to consider a few things before buying the NeckMassager. You’ll want to make sure the product is effective and works well with neck pain, but is also durable, so it stays by your side for a long time. Moreover, you’ll also probably need reviews, mostly customer reviews, about the massager and its functionalities. Still, you won’t have to worry about that since we have got you covered in this thorough review of the neck massager. Lastly, you should know about the way this device operates and its different modes of massage, and all that is taken care of in the next section.

How Does It Work?

The first thing that comes to mind when hearing about a massager is just that it’s a device that will only vibrate itself on your muscles to calm you down. Whereas vibration at particular frequencies can indeed help with the relaxing of muscles, it’s not the only element when it comes to healing the tissues underneath. That’s why the NeckMassager has not just one but three different aspects of the operation, and all three are beneficial in their scenarios.

Infrared Heat

Infrared Heat massaging is one of the most effective techniques of its kind to help reduce pain. Arthritis Today mentioned Infrared Heat as one of the best pain relief treatments for stiff joints. It is considered an effective way to tackle arthritis joint pain, and all that comes along with it.

Moreover, it also helps in many mental setbacks such as depression, panic attacks, and anxiety, as well as improving your immune system and regulating your blood pressure. All these benefits have been confirmed and mentioned by CNN Health, which is considered a verified and credible source when it comes to reporting health-related information.

Infrared rays are a part of the wave spectrum and consist of high energy levels. They also have strong penetrative abilities, which help them to affect muscle tissues that lie deep under your skin. This helps with tight and sore muscles by relaxing them, also improving overall blood circulation along the way. The penetration also increases the total surface temperature of your body, which, paired with the massage pads that you can apply on your back, can genuinely eradicate all the pain you’ve been facing.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Ultrasound is typically only known for its use in medical practices to examine a patient’s body from the inside. This is different. Therapeutic Ultrasound is a really effective way of healing the body’s tissues and ligaments wholly. The ultrasound wave is used to provide thermal treatment by heating the muscle tissues inside. This is one of the two significant ways. Ultrasound is used in massages and is known as a deep heating treatment. Heat is provided to muscle tendons and ligaments inside the body, which helps reduce the overall pain, and allows blood to circulate more freely amongst those tissues. Moreover, the added heat also increases the amount by which the muscles can stretch, as the temperature is known to expand matter, which in turn heals the soreness.

The other way ultrasound works are through a process called cavitation. The energy introduced in the body helps create gas bubbles among the muscles (the same ones that pop when you crack your knuckles), which contract and expand continuously. This is thought to improve overall muscle healing and increases the rebuilding of cells inside the tissues. All this, in theory, means faster recovery from all your muscle tissues. All in all, therapeutic Ultrasound is used mostly to heal deeper inflammation and more severe cases, and the NeckMassager has it all under one roof to cater to all your needs when it comes to dealing with pain.

Electrical Stimulation

NeckMassager ReviewElectrical Stimulation or e-stim for short, is also another way of physiotherapy that helps your muscles and tendons to relax and ease up. E-stim works by using the pads that are provided inside the box with the massager and applying them on parts of your body. Electrical signals are then sent through the skin for various purposes. One of the main reasons is blocking pain signals from reaching the brain. Electrical signals fill-up the nervous system when this mode is being used, and it prevents the pain signals from going to the pain receptors in the brain.

This helps the users to not feel any pain from their injuries, and they don’t have to resort to painkillers to achieve that. Painkillers can have many adverse side effects, and by using e-stim instead, you eliminate that aspect and also help tackle your pain.

Another way e-stim is used is to deal with muscle spasms and light injuries in the muscle tissues. When signals are sent inside the body, they can be used to single out specific muscle tendons and fibers, and then those muscles can be contracted appropriately. What this means is, you can keep the e-pads that come along on any part of your body where you feel your muscles being stiff and sore, and using the electrical stimulation mode, you can help decrease the pain significantly. This works because when these muscles are caused to contract at the rate they are, it helps increase their mobility and also improves the blood flow in that region, which encourages a better healing process.

NeckMassager Pricing

Online shopping has become the go-to for many people around the world. Going to the mall or the local stores still is popular obviously for its justified reasons, but it’s safe to say that e-commerce has become way more successful. One example is Amazon; it has become one of the largest companies in the world, all because people love to buy from their homes because it’s simple, convenient and you don’t have to leave your home. It’s also usually a lot cheaper than physical stores. That’s why the NeckMassager doesn’t cost much as well as compared to the features it provides.

The NeckMassager comes in at a price of about 120 USD, which seems suitable because you can’t put a price on health and well-being. But that’s not it, because the massager comes with several great deals. If you proceed to buy two massagers, you can get both of them for around 170 USD, which is ludicrous considering what the device offers. To add to that, buying five massagers will set you back only about 60 USD per piece, so get your whole family on the deal, and prevent any relatives from a future case of arthritis.

Customer Reviews

Before buying a product, reading the reviews, especially from customers who’ve tried and tested the product is vital. It helps you get a feel of it and takes you over that barrier of wanting to spend money on something or not. Well, there are mostly positive reviews about NeckMassager over the internet and major e-commerce websites. They’ve mentioned the look and comfort of the massager, as well as how easy it is to use.

One major feature that most customers pointed out was the electro-magnetic StimulationStimulation and how effective it was as a massage method. The electrode pads were praised highly by people, and it’s something you should keep an eye out for and anticipate before buying the massager.

Our NeckMassager Review

Overall, you can’t go wrong with the NeckMassager. It uses medically proven techniques to help you release your pain and reduce your stress levels. It looks decent and provides portability as well, so you can take it wherever you go. It uses AAA batteries and works up to 7 hours in total. We’d recommend getting yourself at least two pieces so that you can get a heavily reduced price. Get this device now, and let it look after you.