OxyBreath Pro Review

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Face masks are reaching a shortage: The demand is higher than most suppliers can supply – and the result is that many people are living in high-risk, high-pollution and high-disease environments without the ability to protect themselves, their employees or their families because they can’t find a mask (and can’t order in bulk).

Traditional face masks don’t cut it anymore. They can be ineffective against most types of air pollution (while being advertised to many people as completely safe) and they only offer one layer of very thin protection that won’t keep most types of particles you encounter in the air away from you.

OxyBreath Pro helps to close up the gap. It’s one of the best face masks you can order: It’s made from highly durable materials and include features that make it safer than other masks available.

Read my OxyBreath Pro Review and find out why I bought a stack of OxyBreath Pro masks – and insist that anyone who walks into the office wears one as part of a safer health routine.

OxyBreath Pro Masks Are Available When Other Masks Aren’t

OxybreathIf you try to order face or medical masks from traditional retailers, the first thing you’ll notice is that they are out of stock. People have been ordering medical masks in such large amounts that it’s hard to find one anywhere right now.

OxyBreath Pro are available when no other masks are. They can be ordered as you need them, or ordered in bulk – and they are one of the only face masks on the market that can be used up to twenty-five different times.

In the long run, they end up being cheaper than ordering other types of face masks by the box.

High-Quality Materials

Most of the face masks that are available on the market today are prone to tearing: They’re pretty thin – and they aren’t made to last long, but instead are one-use materials. The OxyBreath Pro masks are created from high-quality materials (that include carbon fibre) and their installed breathing valve.

They’re made to use up to twenty-five different times, and they’re made with several protective layers. This means that they filter particulates through the air better than traditional face masks.

High-quality materials means that they are less likely to tear without the user noticing.

OxyBreath Pro is Equipped with a Valve

The OxyBreath Pro mask is equipped with a specialized breathing valve: Most medical masks aren’t and this is their biggest drawback. The OxyBreath Pro breathing valve opens up when breathing out without letting any potentially harmful particulates into the very inside of the mask – and this is what makes them more effective.

OxyBreath is Available in Several Different Colors

Oxybreath ReviewOxyBreath Pro masks are available in several different colors: Most medical and protective masks aren’t – and this makes that people just don’t want to wear them, even for protective reasons. The OxyBreath Pro designers have thought about making the OxyBreath Pro look better (and less intimidating) than most other face masks on the market – and it’s why we’ve bought a few for work.

Great for Boosting the Immune System

An increasing number of people are realizing that their immune systems are the key to staying healthy – and more people are looking for ways to guarantee their immune systems are strong enough to fight off common infections (and less common ones).

If you live or work in a crowded or high-risk environment or have to move through one and you’re worried about being exposed to dust, viruses, bacteria and pollution, wearing a face mask can help your body to be less “out in the open” while you’re moving around.

Since we’ve incorporated OxyBreath Pro into the office routine, we’ve noticed a lesser rate of sick days!

Makes a Statement – and a Good One

Walking into a crowded space with a green, blue or white mask can make you feel alienated: Instead, the OxyBreath Pro has been designed to make a statement – and a good one. Instead of making you feel like you’ve just walked out of a hospital building, the OxyBreath Pro has been made to look great as well as actually work as a protective device.

More Than Single Use

Oxybreath Pro MaskMost face masks can only be used once: This makes regular face masks both expensive and uncomfortable – and it can even make them unsafe. OxyBreath Pro masks have been made to be used as much as 25 times – and the last time is just as safe as the first.

They last longer than traditional face masks: According to their shelf life, they can even be stored for a lot longer.

The OxyBreath mask is Comfortable to Wear

The OxyBreath Pro is made to be comfortable. This means you can wear it for a long time without having to worry that the mask might hurt – or fall off. These are common concerns that make regular masks entirely ineffective, and it’s a drawback that the makers of the OxyBreath Pro mask were smart enough to fix when it comes to their product.

This is one more reason why I’ve already put in an order for a few more.

Effective for Protection Against Pollution

Oxybreath Pro ReviewPollution is one of the most common dangers of the new age: Everyone faces pollution no matter where you live, and the levels of pollution are increasing to the point where chronic breathing conditions are diagnosed at an unprecedented rate.

The OxyBreath Pro is effective for protecting against pollution, even in highly polluted environments. Most regular face masks aren’t.

Layered protection gives you the guarantee that pollution particles never reach your airways.

Safe for High-Risk Environments

OxyBreath Pro masks aren’t just for protecting you against the type of pollution that you encounter around you every day: They are also just as effective for fine dust – the kind of fine dust that you might encounter as an industrial hazard depending on what you do for a living.

My OxyBreath Pro Review

OxyBreath Pro masks make great protective gear for industry and workshops, too: This has inspired me to recommend it to a few friends who face work-related hazards like sawdust or workplace pollution.