PureAir Max Review

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PureAir Max is a charcoal air purifying bag that can help to filter your air and improve quality and freshness at home or in your car.

So what exactly is an air purifying bag? Do they really work? And is PureAir Max a good product for those that want to give them a try for themselves? Read on, and we’ll attempt to answer those questions.

What is an Air Purifying Bag?

Air purifying bags are products designed to eliminate odors and even remove detritus and toxins from the air. These can be used around the home or in a car, with the aim being to improve air quality for both health and comfort.

The best way to think of these bags, is as being somewhere between a full-blown air filter and a aerosol spray “air freshener.”

However, whereas aerosol sprays can release volatile organic compounds known to cause damage to lungs, PureAir Max has no such concerns. In fact, PureAir Max works far more similarly to a powered air filter, but the key difference is that PureAir Max does not consume large amounts of power, nor does it make a racket. This is simply a small bag of activated bamboo charcoal (along with some other key ingredients) that sits in the corner of a room in a breathable bag.

How Does PureAir Max Work?

You might be wondering how something this simple can possible work! The answer is that activated charcoal and bamboo charcoal are natural air filters. That’s because they are extremely porous – with huge numbers of tiny air pockets and tunnels running through them. In fact, if you were to stretch out the surface area of all those tunnels, it would reach for miles! (I know, it’s hard to wrap your head around!)

So what happens when you leave this in the corner of your room, is that the air must pass through it. As it does, bacteria, virus, pollen, bits of dead skin, mold spores, and everything else that makes your environment smell bad gets caught and stuck in those tunnels. Meanwhile, the air just passes through!

This then means that your air is being naturally cleaned, simply by circulating through your home!

And if you still think you need a powered air freshener, consider that these actually work in the precise same way! That’s right: when you use a powered air filter, it actually works using the precise same activated charcoal. Sometimes this is the same bamboo charcoal, but in other cases it will be coconut. Either way, the primary difference is simply that there is an additional vacuum to help suck air in and push it out. This is a more passive method, but by investing in a few and setting them up around your house, you can get many of the same benefits.

Why Bamboo?

The bamboo activated charcoal used by PureAir Max is a particularly great choice. Bamboo has the same properties as coal, coconut husks, peat, and wood when it comes to its porous nature. This makes it a viable choice for activated charcoal.

The great thing about bamboo is that it is actually more porous. This means that it is more efficient, requiring less to get the same amount of work done, and that the job is done more thoroughly.

This also makes it more environmentally friendly, as it means less disruption to the natural

environment. This is further emphasized by the fact that bamboo grows extremely quickly, making this a very renewable resource.

Using PureAir Max

To begin using PureAir Max, you should begin by placing it in sunlight. This could mean placing it in a windowsill or similar (with the window open). This is because a bit of ultraviolet light actually helps to kickstart the process and get the activated charcoal out into the atmosphere.

You won’t notice the difference right away as there is probably a lot that needs to be cleared out of your air! In a couple of days though, you’ll start to find that the air begins smelling much fresher.

This is good news: when air smells bad, that means it is bad for you. That’s because it’s bacteria that actually causes the bad odor. This is our body’s way of telling us that we’re unhealthy!

Once every month, you should place the PureAir Max bag back into sunlight which will help to “recharge” the charcoal by expanding it.

You can keep using PureAir Max bags for around two years this way! That said, the lifespan does vary slightly depending on how polluted the air in your area is. You’ll know that it’s time to replace the bag once it has gained a lot of weight. Normally, recharging the bag will help it to lose some of that weight. Once the bag stops getting lighter and is just getting heavier, and once the air starts to regain a slightly unpleasant odor, you know it’s time for a new one!

This is another big advantage over using a large air filter, which requires regularly refilling (replacing cartridges).

Conclusion of our PureAir Max Review

PureAir Max ReviewAs well as helping to remove those tiny elements from your air, PureAir Max will also use other ingredients and additives to help freshen up the air and create a pleasant smell.

This works extremely well: in fact, you will notice the bag becoming physically heavier over time!

There are several different products like this on the market, but PureAir Max is one of the very best. This is an affordable option that works really well, and that uses natural, sustainable ingredients to do a fantastic job.

For the best results, you could invest in a couple of these bags and place them in a few spots around your home. This way, you will be able to freshen the air even more quickly and thoroughly. The compact design is also very useful, making it easy to place bags in a wardrobe for example, or to put them in your car to keep it smelling fresh.

In short, PureAir Max is the best option for quickly and effectively improving air quality that we have tried!