SmartSanitizer Pro Review

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The Corona virus, colds, flu and other diseases are spread by bacteria! SmartSanitizer Pro kills bacteria quickly and efficiently!

Nowadays we come into contact with dozens of electronic devices every day. We take our smartphones everywhere we go. We have them in our pockets, they lie on tables while eating and we even take them to the toilet!


Your fingers touch your smartphone almost all the time and throughout the day you come into contact with a lot of other people.

This means that your phone is constantly subject to germs, viruses and fine dust.

You can’t see it, but scientists have found that the number of bacteria on a phone is higher than on toilet seats! And no, this is not a joke!

Doctors say washing your hands and cleaning devices is your first line of defense against dangerous epidemics like the coronavirus!

Just calling or texting can cover your phone with bacteria and saliva!

But of course, your phone is not the only device you come into contact with on a daily basis:

  • Remote controls
  • Tablets & iPads
  • Laptops & Keyboards
  • Phones & Earplugs

Calculators and Chargers

When you think about it, you come into contact with a huge number of devices and surfaces every day of the week. All these things have the potential to be carriers of disease and bacteria.

If you’re like me, you want a healthy life for yourself and your family. And so I started looking for a way to keep my appliances easily clean.

During my research I finally came up with UV radiation for cleaning my phones and after testing many products SmartSanitizer Pro proved to work best.

In this SmartSanitizer Pro review I share my experiences with using the SmartSanitizer Pro.

SmartSanitizer Pro Review

The SmartSanitizer Pro works on the basis of UV radiation. You place your phone in the SmartSanitizer Pro and the UV radiation kills bacteria within minutes.

Of course, you can also use the product for cleaning other products by keeping it under the UV light of the SmartSanitizer Pro.

SmartSanitizer Pro

UV light is very effective in killing bacteria and is not harmful to humans or animals.

The advantage of using UV light is that you don’t need dangerous chemicals or soaps that can damage yourself or your equipment.

Using the SmartSanitizer Pro is very easy and within a few minutes you will kill 99.9% of the bacteria.

You don’t have to worry about UV light getting into your eyes because the device won’t work if you hold it upside down. A handy feature for your own safety.

SmartSanitizer Pro is also very effective in combating mold and microorganisms that can cause allergic reactions.

As I mentioned before, SmartSanitizer Pro can be used on all kinds of surfaces in the house, such as laptops, keyboards and smartphones, cutlery and even toilets.

Tip: You can also use it to disinfect jewelry.

SmartSanitizer Pro uses the same natural light as hospitals use. It has been shown that UV light severely restricts the growth of E. Coli, H1N1 and other harmful pathogens.

SmartSanitizer Pro is compact and robust, so you can easily take it with you on holiday or to the office.

SmartSanitizer Pro Specifications

UV Wavelength: 254 nm
Weight: 290 grams
Dimensions: 200*118*45mm
Surface area for Sterilization: 170*90*45mm
Sterilization possibilities: Two powerful UV lamps
Temperature during activation: 0-55 Celcius
Input: Micro 5V / 1A
Sterilisation rate: 99.9%
Sterilization time: Maximum 6 minutes
Charging: USB connection with adapter

My SmartSanitizer Pro Review & Conclusion

Ordering the product was very easy, you can pay online via Paypal or Credit Card and within a week I had my SmartSanitizer Pro at home.

SmartSanitizer Pro Review

The box contains the product, a manual and a USB charger. The manual is in English, but the product is so easy to use that you don’t really need it.

Disinfection is easy. You place your phone in the SmartSanitizer Pro and within six minutes the phone is free of dangerous bacteria. Other products can be disinfected by placing them under the SmartSanitizer and within six minutes they are clean.

All in all, I’m very satisfied with the product, it’s a nice feeling to know that your devices are clean, especially in these times when we are dealing with several epidemics.

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